20 January

The First Door Hypermarket – is the largest marketplace in Europe for the sale of doors that has been operating in the Ukrainian market for more than 10 years. Every day we offer our customers high-quality certified products from international manufacturers from more than 20 countries of the world (including a wide range of Ukrainian-made goods).

The total number of products exceeds 25,000 items: these are entrance doors, interior doors and metal-plastic doors, reliable fittings, stylish furniture, and a large selection of curtains. All these goods are located on a total sales area of ​​3,500 m2 that allows to provide our customers with a wide range of products suit every taste and budget.

For the convenience of customers, 1108 models of doors are presented in the exhibition hall of the First Hypermarket of Doors. This allows customers to see with their own eyes the quality of the doors, their equipment, compare different styles and evaluate the leaf colors. In addition, in the curtain salon that is located on the ground floor, one can choose from 400 options of tulles and curtains of various styles and colors to make the perfect choice for the updated interior.

One can always find the most modern and up-to-date models of doors and fittings on the territory of the First Hypermarket of Doors due to its work with more than 100 manufacturers of goods. And qualified sales staff are always ready to help with the choice of the best option that meets the needs of customers who then repeatedly return to us to purchase doors.