Building mortars


Building mortars are dosed grained mixture, which consists of inorganic binders such as cement, concrete, lime, clay, gypsum, etc. and a fine aggregate, such as sand, crushed slag, and others. With addition of water and adding, in certain cases, a special additives (inorganic additive or organic additives). Freshly prepared mortar used for laying on the base of a thin layer and thus fill all irregularities of the surface with mortar.

Building mortars are not stratified, quickly seize, quickly harden, have a high durability, as a stone-like building material.

The building mortar used for repairs, finishing works, stone laying and in other construction works.

In assortment of building mortars Polimin presented mortars of different grades of strength (М-75, М-100, М-150), also colored masonry mortars for the facade clinker (МК-10, МК-20), as well as thin-layer adhesive composition for aerated concrete (ПБ-55, ПБ-65 and ПБ-75).