Surfaces preparation

The materials for  preparation of  surfaces include first of all the primers.

Primerгрунтовка-сайт – a composition applied as the first layer on the prepared for painting surface  to create a reliable cohesion of the upper layers of the coating and to alignment its absorbency. From coloring compositions primer less pigmented. Under the brand POLIMIN produced 4 kinds of primer compositions, 1 special tinting primer АС-3 “contact primer”, and 3 building primers (АС-5, АС-7 and АС-8).


Application of primers POLIMIN 

Application area Product Name
АС-5 АС-7 АС-8
Preserving systems and facades ++
Facing works + ++ +*
Preparatory plastering ++ +*
The arrangement of the floor ++ +*
Waterproofing ++
Creating of systems thermo-insulation of buildings ++

*interior works