Materials for thermo-insulation


“Polimin Warm-Facade” thermo-insulation systems – the warmth and comfort of your home

Today, with the constantly growth of energy prices the heat insulation of buildings has become urgent. New requirements for the construction and repair of buildings facades have also led to the need for additional thermal protection. Optimally decision of this task is the so-called light “wet” method of bonded insulation, which not only improves the efficiency of heating systems and contributes to a significant reduction in the cost of heating / cooling of building, but also provides its’ facade with the uniqueness of the various architectural and aesthetic requirements. Buildings’ thermo-insulation can help in saving money because it gives you the opportunity to reduce heating costs up to 30% each year, and hence – save your money. According to expert estimates, the costs of thermal modernization of buildings pay off in 4-12 years, with the durability of the thermo-insulation system up to 35 years.

Below is a “sandwich” of our proposed system POLIMIN Warm-Facade with its main layers:

  1. Deep penetrating primer Polimin АС-5/АС-7PIROG
  2. Adhesive for fixing foamed polystyrene Polimin P-22 «Multi» or adhesive for fixing mineral wool – Polimin P-19 «Warm-Facade»/Polimin P-20 «Warm-Facade ARM»/Polimin P-21 «Warm-Facade Pro»
  3. Slab of insulation (expanded polystyrene or mineral wool)
  4. Dubel (anchor)
  5. Socle profile
  6. Reinforcing adhesive Polimin P-20 or Polimin P-21
  7. Alkali-resistant glass grid
  8. Tinting primer Polimin АС-3 «Contact»
  9. Decorative “bark beetles” textured plaster Polimin АК-20 or “runo” textured plasrer Polimin АВ-15/Polimin ShF-1 / Polimin ShC-3 Facade-Decor “coarse-sand”

Correctly done facade insulation systems provides:

  • increased thermal protection of buildings, which contributes to more economical operation of heating systems;
  • comfortable living conditions;
  • decrease of temperature deformations of new buildings external walls;
  • elimination of defects and damages that occurred during the operation of buildings;
  • opportunity to provide the uniqueness of the facades according to different architectural and aesthetic preferences.

This section presents adhesives for slab insulation and reinforcement: P-19, P-20 and P-21. Also the thermo-insulation system includes mixtures from other sections – primers and decorative materials.