CFTI Polimin Warm-Facade

утепление домов

Nice host always thinks about how to keep warm and create the most comfortable atmosphere in the house at any time of the year. We should not forget about such important aspects as reasonable economy: on building materials, energy, time, which, as you know, is also money.

We offer you the perfect solution! Wall insulation of external or internal, in new houses and old buildings, villas and apartments – the best solution from the wet and freezing of external walls, that prevents the formation of mold and fungus, destroying the building and causing serious diseases in humans. Let your house will always be warm and comfortable!

The centres of facades thermal insulation (CFTI) POLIMIN WARM FACADE offer the facades thermal insulation “turnkey”. Here you will find everything you need: a wide selection of high-quality environmentally friendly materials, valuable advice on solving the design, engineering, construction and installation issues, as well as the team of experienced professionals who will quickly and efficiently perform all the tasks.

What makes us different from other products on the market?

You appreciate the quality, durability, ease of use, and most importantly, your money – then welcome to contact us! We will help you in the selection of materials, give you professional advice and most importantly – realize your idea in the results that you will be satisfied! The Center of facade thermo insulation POLIMIN WARM FACADE will provide experienced professionals in this field, which quickly and efficiently perform work of buildings heat insulation  in the shortest possible time.

In our center, you will always be able to:

  • get professional advice about thermal insulation of house, cottage or apartment;
  • order the visit of a specialist on the object;
  • find a dedicated and certified team to perform the work of thermal insulation of any level of complexity (regardless of height);
  • arrange warranty for fulfilled system of external insulation of the apartment.teplofasad-logo

REMEMBER! Correctly calculated and the acquired thermal insulation system will not only save money on electricity, but give and comfort your family.

Why insulate better with the Centre of facade thermal insulation POLIMIN WARM FACADE.

Today The centers of POLIMIN WARM FACADE only began its work in Kyiv region, but the system is thermal insulation POLIMIN WARM FACADE is already well proven in 30 major cities of Ukraine. Why us? Because here, in one place, you can get professional advice regarding to the character of your facade, where you can also pick up all the necessary materials, but here you can order the delivery of all materials at a convenient time for you and negotiate with certified construction team about upcoming deadlines of work. Thermal insulation of facades turnkey with the Center of Facades Thermal insulation POLIMIN – is the best solution. You do not need more “torn” between the stores and warehouses in search of the required products and skilled construction workers to do the work. You need only your wish and a team of professionals will help make your home warm and cozy.

On our site On our site you can learn about possible ways and technology of building thermal insulation and their advantages and disadvantages, the materials that are used for insulation works, the errors in insulating of facades and defects to which they lead, and you can also find out the prices for our services for Insulationworks and guarantees that we give.