Marketing support for partners

Marketing support of our partners – one of the main components of a successful business company “Fomalhaut-Polimin”. Every month occur various activities aimed to increase the loyalty of partners and their interest in working with the company: training seminars, outdoor meetings, and creative entertainment, also the annual conference at the end of the year, as well as leisure travel abroad for those who have achieved the best results in the previous year.

During these events, in informal atmosphere the accumulated problems are solved, the partners are acquainted with each other; contacts are established and information from the world of construction technology is exchanged.

Our strengths are:

– individual approach to partners;

– wide range of products;

– willingness to adapt existing and develop new products according to the client’s needs and the specifics of the region;

– the ability to produce products under partners’ trademark;

– active marketing support.

We are always open to everything new – new meetings, new experiences, new ideas and new technologies. We hope to share with you our commitment to be experts in our business for the development Ukraine to the level of advanced European countries with high quality of life!