The Fomalhaut Group – 100% Ukrainian capital

Group of companies “Fomalhaut” was founded in 1994. and today is one of the largest holdings in Ukraine, that works in the construction industry. Today, the Group employs more than 1,200 people.

The mission of the Group:

To realize the right of any Ukrainian citizen to create a comfortable living conditions (at work, school, etc.) using materials and technologies at affordable prices.

 The Group Values:

  • We try to maintain the highest standards of product quality and services. Our main task – the creation of value for the consumer, society and economy.
  • We are responsible for what we do, support and improve our own skills.
  • We try to organize the process, because only well-organized process gives the correct results.
  • We respect and promote the creativity of our employees, to secure the achievements of new quality standards.
  • We grow leaders who thoroughly understand the work and follow the philosophy of the Group.
  • We respect our partners and suppliers.
  • We encourage continuous development and improvement.
  • We tirelessly analyze, educate and improve the entire process, from decision-making to implement solutions in the result.

The principle activities of the group:

On our own example prove that capacity of Ukrainian industry (particularly, construction) is sufficient for the production of world-class quality products (building materials) without additional foreign investment, but only thanks to the gradual development of its own expense.



1994     Founding of the company, supply and sale of cement in Kiev and region

the end of 1998 – beginning of 1999       Development and implementation of new technology for the production of dry building mortars (DBM) with the trademark “Polimin”; Construction of the first own production line for DBM

2001     Purchase of a controlling stake in the Zhitomir factory “Stroymash”, specialized in the production of concrete mixing equipment; modernization of the plant, the introduction of new types of construction machinery – packaging lines, components for the plants dry mixes, plastering machines

2001     Construction of a new production line DBM (capacity 100 thousand tons per year)

2004     Purchase lime factory and the creation a new “Fomalhaut-Volyn” company; complete reconstruction of the plant; production of lime and sand-lime bricks

2005     Launch of a new production line at the Kiev DBM factory with capacity of 100 thousand tons per year

2006     Was opened the factory of dry mortars “Polimin” in Krasny Liman (Donetsk region.), capacity 60 thousand tons per year

2008     Development of a new trend in the retail trade market, the opening of the new pilot supermarket “Masterok” in Kiev

2008     Construction of the first line in the factory DBM in Tsyurupinsk (Kherson region), the capacity 60 thousand tons per year

2009     Launch of the production line of grouts (50 colors)

2010     Purchase of a cement production line in the Luhansk region; start-up production of cement (“Stakhanov Cement Plant”), the capacity 7 thousand tons

2011     Launch of the “The first doors hypermarket”, opening of the first shopping center with area of 3000 square meters, which represent 80 manufacturing plants

2013     Purchase of the areas and construction of a plant for the production of dry mortars in western Ukraine in the Rivne region (Rudnya Pochayna), start the plant scheduled for August 2014